Poultry production systems and its feed resources in Ethiopia: a research review


  • Mehari Kebede Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, Mekelle Agricultural Research Center. Mekelle, P. O. Box 258, Ethiopia


Feed resources, Poultry, Production, Village poultry


This study was done with the objective of assessing the current poultry production system, feed resources and provides valuable information for researchers, producers, instructors and policy makers in Ethiopia. The review was done deeply with original research findings of different scholars working on poultry. This study revealed that there are three poultry production systems classified based on the input, flock size, health and bio-security measures (village poultry production, small scale and commercial production systems). The main poultry feed resources in the country are household wastes, cereal grains and their by-products, industrial by products, oil seed cakes and non-conventional feed resources. There is shortage of commercial feed resources and processing meals thought it is expensive. In conclusion, the most common production system practiced in the major farming community is the village production system with irregular supplementation of cereal grains Therefore, investors and government institutions should avail the concentrate feeds with affordable price to improve the production and productivity of poultry in Ethiopia.



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