Constraints and opportunities of village chicken production in debsan tikara keble at gonder zuria woreda, north gonder, Ethiopia


  • M. B. Yitbarek Department of Animal Science, Debre Markos University, Ethiopia
  • W. Atalel Debsan Tikura kebele ,Gonder Zuria Woreda , North Gonder Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia


Village chicken;Constraints;Opportunities;Respondents;Corresponding author;Melkamu bezabih yitbarek


This study wasconducted to identify the constraints and opportunities of village  chicken production  in  Debsan Tikara Keble at  threevillages in Gondar  Zuria Woreda by usingsemi structured  questionnaire , fieldvisit and interview from 150 randomly  selected respondents.The result revealed that the main constraints were feed shortage (28%),predation (30%) and flock mortality (28%). Almost 58% of chickens share thesame room with the main house. The farmers use traditional medicine to treatchickens (82%). Average age of first egg lying of chicken was 6 months, numberof eggs per clutch was 13, the clutch size was 3 and hatchability percentagewas 72%. The main opportunities for village chicken production was marketaccess 36%, credit service 28%, training and extension service 16%,  feed and water access 20%. From this study,constraints and opportunities of village chicken production was merelyidentified based on this result by improving the management practice, poultrybreeds and educating the framers are viable options to improve the livelihoodof the households.


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