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Factors affecting the ability of agricultural higher education graduates in Iran

M.S. Ebrahimi, A.M. Amini, B. Bahrami


Achieving developmentrequires the essential factor; the most important of these factors is humanfactors. The overallobjective of this study was to investigating the factors affecting the abilityof agricultural higher education graduates in Iran. The number of samples usingCochran's formula was 280 people who were chosen from the differentagricultural fields. The main tool for this study is a questionnaire that theformal validity is obtained with professors and experts opinions andreliability by using Cronbach's alpha research for component were 0.891, 0.940and 0.944 respectively.The results of research showed that the role of theory courses is themost influential variable that effect the ability of agricultural highereducation graduates in Iran. The effect of these variables in three dimensions,basic, technical and organizational ability agricultural graduates was 29%,34%, and 38% respectively.


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