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Scientific Journal of Animal Science

Scientific Journal of Animal Science

Frequency: Monthly
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ISSN-online: 2322-1704
Journal scope: animal derived food quality; reproduction and physiology (ruminants and non-ruminants); animal production (management, behaviour, welfare, health); nutrition and feeding (ruminant and non-ruminant); genetics (quantitative and molecular) and breeding; aquaculture.

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Prostaglandin versus progestagen protocols in oestrus synchronization in the Yankasa ewe
This study was conducted to compare the effects of prostaglandins (estroPLAN® and Lutalyse®) and progestagens (CIDR® and FGA-45®) in synchronizing oestrus in Yankasa ewes between January and February 2014. Thirty three (33) Yankasa ewes aged 1.5- 3 years, 21 to 26 kg body weights, with body condition score of 2.5- 3.5 were used in this study. Ewes were randomly allocated into 5 groups, Group 1 (ewes treated with Lutalyse® [YK-LT], n= 7), Group 2 (ewes treated with estroPLAN® [YK-ET], n= 7), Group 3 (ewes treated with EAZI- BREED™ CIDR® [YK-CD], n= 5), Group 4 (ewes treated with Fluorogestone acetate-45® [YK-FG], n= 7) and Group 5 (Control [YK-CT], n= 7). Natural breeding was carried out using sexually active rams for 5 days following progestagen withdrawal and second prostaglandin administration. 100% oestrus response was observed in YK-ET, YK-CD and YK-FG, respectively. Vol. 4 | No. 9 | 2015 Full Text







The effects of cooking on protein content and nutritional composition of fatty acid of broilers meat fed on green oak acorn (Quercus ilex)
The aim of this works was to analyses the effects of cooking on proteins and nutrionnels composition of fatty acids of broils fed on green oak acorn (GOA). The broilers were diveded into two groups and they were given either experimental died (50% corn and 50% of GOA) or control diet (C) (67% corn). At 56 days, twenty broilers from each group were slaughtered and their breast meat was prepared. Proeins and fatty acid (FA) composition of the musvle were determined.
Vol. 4 | No. 8 | 2015 Full Text

Some major factors affecting carcass composition in goats
This review article looks at some major factors that influence carcass composition in goats. The resultant carcass composition of various animal species differs considerably depending on several environmental factors and management practices. These several factors which are within control of animal producers may be manipulated to achieve desirable effects in carcass composition. Some of the factors which have been implicated to cause considerable variation in carcass composition include genetic, nutrition, age at slaughter, sex of animal and weight of animal. Vol. 4 | No. 7 | 2015 Full Text

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Importance and function of microbial communities in aquaculture systems with no water exchange
The goal of this review is to analyze the importance of microbial communities in systems with zero or no water exchange or also called Bioflc, this because in recent decades has developed a strong interest in its use for the cultivation of various aquatic species such as shrimp and tilapia primarily though the function that these bacterial groups discharge in the system is unknown, making it relevant analysis mainly because the microorganisms are the foundation for the transfer of matter energy and enabling the production of small organisms such as ciliates ... Vol. 4 | No. 9 | 2015 Full Text


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