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Name: Mr. Usman Bashir

Educational Qualification: MS Management Sciences

Designation: Assistant Director and Lecturer

Department: Centre for Research and Development

University: Minhaj University Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan

Email: bashirusman465@gmail.com

Research Interests: New Product Development, Customer behavior, Customer Experience, and Journey, Digital Marketing (Innovation & models)

Biography: Mr. Usman Bashir has been associated with the Directorate of Research, Development & Training Wing - Minhaj University Lahore Since 2021 in the capacity of Assistant Director. Mr. Usman has acquired an  MS Degree in Management Sciences with a specialization in Marketing. He is a detail-oriented, efficient, and organized professional with extensive experience in Business Models, policy formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation... Over a span of more than 05 years of experience, Mr. Usman has developed expertise in the domain of Research and Development. He is assisting the Director in comprehensive RDT Policies & Procedures along with the preparation and implementation of the Strategic Plan at MUL... Mr. Usman has also acquired international training in R&D management under different capacity-building programs from leading universities and training institutes in Australia, Italy, Turkey, China, and New Zealand. With his expertise in R&D management, Mr. Usman became profoundly involved in the current programmatic planning of Research, Development, and Training at MUL University.