Giant cell tumour of clavicle


  • V. Vaibhav Department of Orthopaedics, Era's Medical College, Lucknow, India
  • D. Kumar Department of Orthopaedics, Era's Medical College, Lucknow, India
  • S. Singh Department of Orthopaedics, Era's Medical College, Lucknow, India


Osteoclastoma; Giant Cell Tumour; Clavicle reconstruction; Fibular graft


We report a case of Osteoclastoma in Clavicle bone in a young adult. Osteoclastoma usually occurs in juxta-articular ends of the long bones of skeletally mature individuals. Its occurance at lateral end of clavicle, a flat bone, is very rare. The diagnosis was based on histopathological report. The tumor was excised with a wide margin of healthy tissue and reconstrustion of lateral end of clavicle was done by free fibular graft and ligamentous reconstruction. Full functional ability and power was restored in the limb. The unusual location of Osteoclastoma in a flat bone and its successful treatment by prompted us to report this case.


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