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A cross sectional study of several diseases in cattle at Chandanaish Upazilla of Chittagong district, Bangladesh

M. S. Pallab, S. M. Ullah, M. M. Uddin, O. F. Miazi


Prevalence of several diseases is one of the most economically important matters for maintaining a good treatment schedule of an area. This study detects the prevalence of several diseases and to evaluate the disease condition of cattle population in the selected area. Records of 306 clinical cases of cattle (120 dairy cows, 89 bulls and 97 calves) treated at the Chandanaish Upazila Veterinary Hospital during the month from December 2010 to February 2011 were analyzed to assess the importance of existing diseases. The recorded clinical cases were classified into seven major diagnostic groups, of which the highest prevalence was recorded with digestive disorders (47.05%), followed by parasitic infection (26.79%), infectious diseases (7.84%), respiratory disorder (6.2%), surgical affections (5.22%), metabolic disorder (4.24%), ectoparasitic infection (1.96%) and others (0.65%). The percentage of occurrence of major diagnostic groups of disease constituted infectious disease, (cows 41.66%, bulls 33.33%, calves 25%), parasitic disease (cows 37.80%, bulls 19.05% and calves 42.68%), digestive disorders (cows 41.66% , bulls 35.41% and calves 22.91%), respiratory disorders (cows 21.05%, bulls 26.31% and calves 52.63%), ectoparasitic infection (cows 16.66%, bulls 33.33% and calves 50%),metabolic diseases ( cows 46.15%, bulls 38.46% and calves 15.38%) and surgical affections( cows 50%, bulls 12.5% and calves 37.5%). Though each of all the diagnostic groups of diseases is significant but the digestive disorder, parasitic and infectious diseases were the most pressing constraint for improvement of cattle at the Chandanaish Upazila in Bangladesh.


Key words: Cattle, diseases, prevalence, Bangladesh.


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