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Scientific Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

Scientific Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

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ISSN-online: 2322-2956
Journal scope: Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Medicine and Physics (all scientific fields).

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Reasons for removal of the moon
In article the new concept of an explanation of the reason of removal of the Moon from Earth is offered to consideration. It is based on the theory of vortex gravitation, cosmology and a cosmogony. The main reason for this removal is that gravity, the earth's field does not create our planet, and ether vortex The orbital plane of the Moon doesn't coincide with the plane of a gravitational whirlwind that creates reduction of forces of an attraction of the Moon to Earth on some sites of its orbit. Removal of a lunar orbit happens a consequence of it.
Vol. 4 | No. 9 | 2015 Full Text







Strong interaction of hadrons in quark cluster model
The theoretical information on the hadrons interactions according to the basis investigation of the multiple scattering process theory is described. As we know multi-particle reactions on the hadrons targets are attracting a great attention nowadays. To survey strong interaction of jet particles with quarks that are inside hadrons (Baryons,mesons, exotic baryons(Penta-quarks), exotic mesons(Tetra-quarks), we can use the estimate called high energy approximation (Eikonal or Glauber approximation) theory that known very well in nuclear physics. This estimate describes collision and interactions of jet particles with quarks and scattering from multi-focus hadrons like diffraction phenomenon in optics. Glauber multiple scattering process theory may apply in analyzing elastic and inelastic collision of hadrons in a range of high energy levels. Vol. 4 | No. 8 | 2015 Full Text

Preparation of polystyrene nanofiber modified with Dithizone using electrospinning technique
In this paper, polystyrene nanofiber were made using electrospinning polystyrene inside THF/DMF solvent. The major parameters such as voltage, distance between injection and collector, polystyrene concentration and rotating speed of collector were optimized in electrospinning technique. The results indicated that in specific range, with increasing voltage, high electrospinning distance, low flow of injection and high collector’s speed, we could achieve to nanofiber having regular chain structure and less diameter. In optimal condition and unmodified surface, polystyrene fiber had average diameter of 82.1 nm. Finally polystyrene absorbent by dithizone were modified and through selecting best condition, the modified polystyrene nanofiber with 92.98 nm average diameter were ... Vol. 4 | No. 7 | 2015 Full Text

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Cushioning women against gender inequality through promoting indigenous chicken production in sub Saharan Africa
Poultry sub sector is a privileged entry point for promoting gender equality. Gender inequalities in poultry and livestock activities are now more and more acknowledged by governments, scientists, and farmers in sub Saharan Africa. This is on the background that gender inequality has translated into loss of opportunities or potential gains on agricultural production and food security. This has been exacerbated by the fact that the progress in empowering women in agriculture and reducing gender inequality has been slow despite this realization. Vol. 4 | No. 6 | 2015 Full Text


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