Live weight estimation in the indigenous matebele goats using the heart girth circumference


  • T. S. Senda Matopos Research Institute. P Bag k 5137, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • I. Mirazi National University of Science and Technology. P O Box AC 939. Ascot. Bulawayo. Zimbabwe
  • J.L. N. Sikosana Department of Research and Specialist Services. P Bag CY 594. Causeway. Harare, Zimbabwe
  • G. Sisito Matopos Research Institute. P Bag k 5137, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • O. Daga Matopos Research Institute. P Bag k 5137, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe




This study was carried out to determine if the heart girth can be used effectively to estimate live body weights of the indigenous Matebele goats and help in the development of a heart girth measuring weigh belt.  This is aimed at addressing the challenges that farmers face in determining the weight of their goats since they are not able to purchase their own scales. Data was collected using a weighing scale and an ordinary measuring tape from 625 Matebele goats from Matopos Research Institute. The average weight of live animals was 28.8kg. The regression coefficient of the heart girth measured against the body weight was found to be 0.77 and a coefficient of determination of 0.99 indicating a good model and strong relationship between the two variables. This shows that the heart girth can be used in predicting body weight in goats and this is a cost effective, quick and practical way of weight estimation. The live body weight can be estimated using the model: Live weight (LW) = Heart girth circumference (H)0.77.


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