Morphometric studies on the female genitalia of the local domestic cat (felis catus catus) in north west Nigeria


  • M.A. Umaru Department of Theriogenology and Animal production Nigeria
  • A. Bello Usmanu Danfodiyo University Nigeria Department of Veterinary Anatomy
  • S.H. Ismail Department of Veterinary Anatomy Nigeria


Morphometry, Female, Genitalia, Local domestic cat, Northwestern Nigeria


Measurement of various parts of reproductive system of sixteen non-pregnant female cats (Queen) were used, the cats were of Mongrel non-specified breeds but different age and live weight.  The average weight of entire genitalia of adult queen cats and small queen cat’s genitalia ranged from 2.84 – 3.11g and 2.14 – 2.48g respectively.  The mean length and diameter of ovaries ranged from 0.67cm to 0.3cm to 0.3cm, 0.3cm to 0.43cm in adult queen cat and small queen cats respectively. Dimension of ovaries of adult queen cat was greater than that of small cats.  The mean length and diameter of uterine horns ranged from 7.4cm to 7.6cm and 6.3cm to 7.3cm in adult and small queen cats respectively.  There was a great variation in length and diameter of uterine horns of adult and small queen cats.  The mean length and diameter of the body of uterus ranged from 1.06cm to 1.1cm, 0.76cm to 1.06cm in adult and small queen cats respectively.  The cervix of small cats was smaller compared to adult queen cat.  The average mean length and diameter of vagina in adult and small queen cats was observed to be 0.76cm to 0.8cm and 0.33cm to 0.67cm respectively. It was concluded that female genitalia of small queen cat had smaller dimension compared to adult cats respect to specific age.


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