Modeling and simulation to predict nitrogen deposition influenced by the porosity and the coefficient of inhibition in the coastal area of port Harcourt, Niger delta of Nigeria


  • S.N. Eluozo Subaka Nigeria Limited Port Harcourt; Civil and Environmental Engineering Consultant Department of Research and Development, Rivers State of Nigeria. Nigeria


Nitrogen deposition; Aquiferious zone; Porosity


Nitrogen deposition influenced by porosity and coefficient of inhibition has been thoroughly evaluated. This study were carried out to monitor the deposition of nitrogen at various formation in coastal area of Port Harcourt, the model developed theoretical values, the values where compared with experimental values, both parameters  generated a best fit, the results from the figures presented shows that the deposition of nitrogen where found to be on exponential phase, the lowest were found to deposit at three metre at the period of ten days, while that highest were recorded at thirty metres at the period of hundred days, the developed model from the values shows the rate of influences from degree of porosity. The rate of deposition at aquiferious zone shows the extent it will increase the microbial population to ground water aquifers in the study location. The rate of concentration at aquiferious zone are determine by the degree of porosity in ground water aquifers, because the highest concentration from the figures present were found to deposit the highest concentration within the gravel and coarse formation where ground water aquifers are deposited, the study are imperative because it will be applied to monitor the deposition of substrate utilization at aquiferious zone.


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