Frequently Asked Questions

As a young, dynamic and rapidly growing open access publisher, Sjournals would like to help the mass get a better understanding of this publisher.

1. Can an editorial board member /peer reviewer get the qualification in Sjournals?

Yes, if an editorial board member /peer reviewer needs qualification, Sjournals will award him/her a certificate after reviewing 3 manuscripts.

2. Is it possible for an editorial board member /peer reviewer to apply for several journals at one time?

Yes, an editorial board member /peer reviewer can be members of different journals, but the number of journals he/she chooses should be no more than 3.

3. How much is the Article Processing Charges (APC)?

Charges standards vary from countries to countries, which are in accordance with the National income. For more information, please click the following website:

4. When is the Article Processing Charges (APC) paid?

The charges commences being paid after an Acceptance Notification of the article reaches to corresponding authors, this Acceptance Notification contains the information about Article Processing Charges and forms to make the payment.

5. How to contact Sjournals?

If you have any doubt, complaint or good advice to Sjournals, please click here to contact us.

6. How to submit your paper?

(1) Firstly, you need to open the website and then log in. (If you don’t have an account, please click “Register” and register an account).
(2) Secondly, click “[New Submission]” on the right menu.
(3) Thirdly, fill up the information “Manuscript Title, Manuscript Keywords, and Manuscript Abstract”, upload your manuscript and choose one Journal (Step 1 to Step 5) (See this video).
After finishing the above 5 steps, the submission is accomplished.

Before submitting your paper, please fill cover letter on the left menu below “DOWNLOAD”, then upload it in Step 4 (Step 4. Uploading Supplementary Files).

7. How to be a member of Reviewer Team or Editorial Board?

(1) Firstly, select the journal you want to join in.
(2) Secondly, please pay a visit to the website and then log in. (If you don’t have an account, please click “Register” and register an account).
(3) Thirdly, select the “Reviewer in registration form and Fill reviewer application form” or “Fill Editorial Board form” on the left menu below “DOWNLOAD”.
(4) Finally, send forms to email:

8. How do I prepare a manuscript for Sjournals?

For details, see our instructions (for preparing your manuscript and figures (Home > About the Journal > Author Guidelines).

9. Does Sjournals offer hard copies to authors?

No, Sjournals offers ONLINE format to authors.

10. In the whole process from submission to publishing, which procedures have to be done through online submission system?

Only the procedure when author submits the paper for the first time should be done through online submission system. Other procedures, related to the revised paper and the final edited paper, author also can directly send through online submission system and needn’t to resubmit them through online submission system.

11. What are supplementary materials? How should I prepare them?

Supplementary materials consists of additional material accompanying Science papers that is posted on our Web site. We can post additional text (such as information on methods, tables, diagrams, and images that bear directly on the conclusions of the paper), figures, and other material, such as video clips and sound files, that enrich the content of the paper by extending it beyond the possibilities of the print medium. Supplementary materials must be essential to the scientific integrity and excellence of the paper. At both the initial stage and after revision, supplementary material should be submitted as a single .docx file separate from the main manuscript. Audio or video files can be submitted separately.

12. Can I submit an image for consideration as the cover of Journal?

Yes. Our manuscript submission and information portal includes a field for uploading auxiliary files, and cover candidates can be submitted here. The cover is usually related to a particularly significant Report or Research Article in the issue, or to the contents of a special issue. Images from significant papers that are striking to the nonspecialist have the best chance of being chosen. Images that cannot be used on the cover may be chosen for use on our table of contents or in the "This Week in Sjournals" section.

13. Sjournals rejected my manuscript. Should I revise it and submit it again?

This is probably not a good idea. Most editorial decisions at Science are based not only on the paper's technical merit but also on the general interest or importance of the work, and on comparison with other papers that we are considering in the paper's field and in related ones. Thus, we will only reconsider papers for which we have specifically invited resubmission or when a significant error has been made during review that significantly influenced our final decision. Most requests for reconsideration do not meet this criterion and thus are not successful.

14. What kinds of manuscripts does Sjournals consider?

Sjournals is interested in a wide range of manuscripts presenting original research and commentary in all areas of science.

 Original Research
 Review Article
 Case Report
 Letters to the Editor
 Short Communications
 Technical Notes