Impact of Saudi Digital Library (SDL) to Saudi research output: How to keep SDL on winning


  • William Dimasangal Taala Medical Library, Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences, Saudi Arabia
  • Filoteo Balejado Franco Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College for Business and Entrepreneurship, Saudi Arabia
  • Rino de Sagun Nursing, Assistant Professor, Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Digital Library, Digital Library, Digital Research


A paper that has hypothetically illustrated the need for the
digital libraries in modern learning environments primarily
because of their reach effectiveness in the dwindling physical
space available. In essence, the utilization of digital libraries in
Saudi Arabia has opened more room for research thus ensuring
that students are properly informed while compiling academic
content. Focused were on the positive impacts as well as the
negative to illustrate the needs to further improve the said digital
space. To date the Saudi Digital Library fondly called to locals as
SDL has revolutionized researching inside the kingdom making it
at par with other first world countries in spite of late coming.


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Dimasangal Taala, W. ., Balejado Franco, . F. ., & de Sagun, R. . (2018). Impact of Saudi Digital Library (SDL) to Saudi research output: How to keep SDL on winning. Scientific Journal of Review, 7(3), 591-599. Retrieved from



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