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Fatal post parturient uterine prolapse in a six year old Sokoto Gudali cow: a case report

M.A. Umaru, A. Umar, A. Bello, H. Nawawi


This paper report of a fatal case of post parturient uterine Prolapse in a six year old pluriparous, Sokoto Gudali cow. The prolapse of the uterus is believed to be a common complication of the third stage of labour in the cow.  The case being reported occurred some hours after a normal parturition. The uterus everted with the foetal membranes and some pockets of foetal fluids.  About three ruptures were observed on the prolapsed uterus. The management of the case was discussed, even though the case eventually ends up fatally. Reports on uterine prolapse are very few in the cow in Nigeria.


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