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Survey of poultry diseases among exotic breeds of poultry in Katsina metropolis, Katsina state, Nigeria

S. Ukashatu, A.S. Magaji, G. Najamuddeen, M.A. Saulawa


A survey of some predominant poultry (exotic breeds) diseases was carried out in Katsina metropolis, Katsina state, Nigeria using an oral interview and a close ended questionnaire which was issued to 30 selected Poultry Farm Owners within the study area after a thorough consultation of the records at the State Veterinary Clinic. The disease found includes, Coccidiosis (23.42%), Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) (14.57%), Newcastle Disease (NCD) (14.28%), Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) (13.14%), Pullorum Disease (10.57%), Fowl pox Disease (8.28%), fowl typhoid disease (7.14%), Marek’s disease (5.14%), Heat stroke (2.57%), and Fatty Liver Syndrome (0.85%) were also recorded in significant percentages across the study area. According to the data obtained from the Respondents, NCD, IBD, Coccidiosis, Pullorum disease, CRD and Marek’s disease have the highest economic impact in their business. As such a complete biosecurity measures should be imposed to the farms and also a proper medication and vaccination schedule should be adhered to as well.

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