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Increase in the efficiency impregnating sperm serie's capabilities out of the organism

Alzhan Shamshidin, Orinbasar Alshinbaev, Aidos Mussabekov


There is a number of works in which it is reported about positive impact of physical factors on maturing of ova. The positive effect of stimulation of development of cages by the pulse of electric field, the helium neon laser is noted. Earlier positive influence of constant magnetic field on quality indicators of sperm at artificial insemination has been proved. Technology in vitro is most often used for thawing of cattle sperm. The freezing and subsequent thawing of spermatozoa induce adverse development of intracellular changes (increase in the level of reactive oxygen species, damage to membrane structures), reduces the survival and functional activity of cells. The plasma membrane of sperm contains a sufficiently large amount of unsaturated fatty acids undergoing peroxidation, which causes its destabilization of ionic homeostasis violation cells, and decreases the potential of the plasma membrane of mitochondria, DNA fragmentation, and without falling lower antioxidant protection. The aim of this work was to increase the efficiency of fertilizing capacity of sperm outside the body with the use of hormonal and biophysical methods of influence, establishing criteria for the metabolic viability of spermatozoa.


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