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Comparative weight assessment of some visceral organs in adult pigeon (columbia livia) and Japanese quail (coturnix japonica)

Sunday Akau Hena, Mamman Legbo Sonfada, Abubakar Danmaigoro, Abdulrahman Bello


The work was aimed at comparative assessment of the weights of the heart, liver and lungs in both pigeon and quail and comparism made. In the course of this study twenty birds were used comprsing of ten quails and ten pigeons. The mean weights of the heart in the quail and pigeon were 2.38±0.25g and 2.95±0.22g respectively, this was not statistically significant (P>0.05). Statistical significant differences (P<0.05) was observed for in the liver of the quail and pigeon with a mean weights of 4.53±0.29g and 5.96±0.44g respectively. The lungs from quail and pigeon had their mean weights as 1.83±0.30g and 3.80±0.52g respectively, this was considered significant (P<0.05). The knowledge of the weights of these organs may be useful in giving insight into their anatomical and physiological adaptation which consequently could be useful in breeding programmes or as models for feed formulation and nutrient trials. The baseline data will be valuable for further pharmacological and nutritional investigations involving these organs in the two bird types.


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