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The effects of chlorsulfuron and feed containing ascorbic acid on some serum parameters in albino rabbits



As all around the world, pesticides are used in our country to control the harmful organisms. As is known, however, use of pesticides takes a toll on humans, animals and the environment health-wise, and insensible and intensive use causes residues in food, soil, water and air. Even though the use of pesticides creates an increase in quantity product-wise, they are potential toxic materials for humans and animals. In this research, New Zealand albino rabbits (75 days old, 2 kg average live weight) were given chlorsulfuron and vitamin C through feed for 45 days, their liver enzyme activities were monitored and it was checked whether or not the liver was damaged. In the research, levels of GGT and ALK.P in the serum samples received from trial group animals were observed to be sensible in comparison to the control group (P<0.05).


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