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Analysis of the effects of cynarin and choline chloride on the metabolic processes of broilers



One of the important modifications that have been made in animal feeding is the usage of the natural feeds and the feed supplements having any negative impact on human health. Therefore there has been an increase in the usage of vegetable extracts together with the feeds in the broiler feeding. It is indicated that the vegetable extracts ameliorates the feed consumption and the benefitting from the feed and consequently have the positive impact on the live weight. This study is carried out in order to ascertain the usage opportunities of the artichoke extract (cynara scolymus) that has positive productive effects on broilers' feed and the vegetable extract named Bedqen40 that includes choline chlorite and their metabolic impacts on liver enzymes. The study was conducted while using 100 Ross 308 hybrid chicks for 42 days as control and experimental groups. In terms of the live weight at the end of the experiments, there is a significant statistical difference between the groups (P = 0.0425). With respect to the daily increase of live weight, the difference between the experimental group and the control group is statistically negligible (P ≥ 0.1104). There is no difference in terms of the liver enzymes between the experimental group and the control group both at the start and the end of the experiment (P ≥ 0.1792).


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