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Comparative evaluation of some surgical approaches to recovery and transfer of caprine embryos in the red Sokoto goat (RSG)

M.A. Umaru, J.B. Adeyanju, H.S. Garba, E.O. Oyedipe, S. Buhari, A. Bello, A. Jibril, U. Adamu


In this study a series of surgicaldemonstrations were carried out to compare between three approaches to the recoveryand transfer of caprine embryos in the Red sokoto Doe (RSD). Attempts were madeto surgically demonstrate ease or difficulty to access, manipulate flush,recover, or transfer embryos from or into the genital tract. It was found thatthe Ventral Midline Approach (VMA) and the Para lumbar flank Approach (PFA)donot give ready access to the genitalia nor do they provide ease formanipulation for recovery and transfer as does a modification of the ventralmidline approach(Modified Mid Ventral Approach; MMVA). Measurements were alsotaken to compare distances from skin incisions to locations on the genitalia inthe three approaches. Proximity suggests ease of access. The distance of theuterine horns and the uterine tubes from the skin incisions were found to be13.5cm ± 3.66, 12.5 ± 1.86 cm and 11.5 ± 3.45 cm in the Para lumbar approach,ventral midline approach and the Modified ventral Midline Approachrespectively. Accesibility and ease of manipulation appears to be restricted inthe paralumbar approach, it is easier with the ventral midline appeoach,however, accesbility and ease of manipulation was observed with themodification of the Ventral Midline Approach. The findings were discussed inthe paper.


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