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Seroprevalence of leptospires in sheep slaughtered at Sokoto metropolitan Abattoir

G. Bashiru, O.O. Faleke, M.D. Salihu, H.S. Garba, N. Suleiman, S. Bashir, M. Aliyu


In a study to determine the seroprevalence of leptospiralantibodies in sheep slaughtered at Sokoto metropolitan abattoir, Nigeria, bloodwas collected from 282 sheep made up of both male and female. The serum wascollected and analysed using an antigen coated IgG ELISA, out of which 20 tested positive by the ELISA giving anoverall prevalence of 7.1%. Prevalences recorded for age was 18.48% for ≤ 2yrsand 1.58% for > 2yrs, and sex was 3.09% for male and 12.50% for females.There was a significant (P<0.05) association between age groups and sexes.Breed prevalence was 8.50% for Oudah, 4.35% for Balami, and 6.02% for Cross. Theassociation was not statistically significant among breeds. These findingssuggest that leptospirosis is present in sheep slaughtered at the Sokotometropolitan abattoir within the study period, and the Abattoir workers throughunhealthy and unethical handling and processing of carcasses are highlyvulnerable to contract the infection.


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