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A comparison of some production performance traits in parent Japanese quail among four close-bred stocks

M. Usman, S. Ahmad


The aim of study was to evaluate production performancetraits among four close-bred stocks (CBS) of Parent Japanese quail at AvianResearch and Training (ART) Centre, UVAS, Lahore for the duration of 4 weeks.For this 144 birds from four CBS i.e., Major, Kaleem, Saadat and Zahid having36 birds of each were maintained at standard managemental conditions. Data werecollected regarding feed intake (g), body weight (g), production %, and FCR / gegg mass, average egg weight (g) and livability %. Statistical analysis of datain Completely Randomized Design through one-way ANOVA technique whilecomparison of means using Duncan’s Multiple Range test with the help of SAS 9.1revealed significant differences among four CBS. CBS had significant effect onfeed intake (g), body weight (g), FCR/g egg mass, average egg weight (g).However, no significant effect of CBS on livability % was also observed inpresent study. It is concluded that there is significant differences among fourCBS of Japanese quail in terms of production performance traits.


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