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Serological and molecular studies of ovine and human toxoplasmosis with a trial of treatment of infected ewe

H.F. Khater, N. O. Khalifa, A.M. A. Barakat


The aims of the present study were to diagnose toxoplasmosisin pregnant ewes and women serologically and molecularly, treat naturallyinfected ewes, and diagnose congenital toxoplasmosis.  Blood samples were taken from 30 and 60pregnant ewes and women, respectively, and used for diagnosis of toxoplasmosisthrough Latex agglutination test (LAT). Seropositive samples were confirmed byPCR for detection of acute infection. Ten infected pregnant ewes wereclassified into two groups. The first group was treated with sulfadimidine33.3%, 200 mg (0.6 ml) / kg.b.wt, and the other group was treated with normalsaline. At titers ≥ 1:64, serological diagnosis indicated that 16 (53.33%) ewesand 29 (48.3%) women were seropositive and the seroprevalence increased in olderewe and younger women.  Positive LATsamples were used for amplification of DNA and showed bands at 193 bp,analogues to that of the RH strain in 12 (40%) and 15 (25%) blood samples ofewes and women, respectively. All treated ewes with sulfadimidine 33.3%delivered healthy lambs with normal gestation period, whereas untreated ewesdelivered 4 abortuses and 3 stillbirths. The tissue cysts were demonstratedmicroscopically in stained smears from tissues of dead fetuses.  Local strain of T. gondii was isolatedthrough intra peritoneal injection in mice from tissues of abortuses andstillbirths and maintained in the lab. The DNA of both RH (a virulent strain) andthe local strains expressed diagnostic amplified DNA bands at 193 bp,indicating a zoonotic importance of T. gondii and the role of sheep a assource of human infection.


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