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Role of cooperative-societies in community development in Sokoto metropolis, Sokoto state, Nigeria

G. Najamuddeen, B.Z. Abubakar, M.G. Kebbe, A.S. Magaji, S. Ukashatu


This research was conducted in order assess the role of cooperatives in community development in Sokoto metropolis. The data for this research were obtained by sampling the opinion of 60 respondents all of which are members of different cooperatives in the study area using simple random sampling technique. The research instrument used was questionnaire administration and the data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequencies and percentages).The study showed that 50% of the respondents were between the ages of 20 and 30 years. 62% of them sourced their money through personal contributions. The research revealed that the contribution of cooperatives societies in community development through self help effort are more of schools rehabilitation, road construction and other community projects (mosques construction, rehabilitation, donation of books and medicine to schools and community clinic, financial and material assistance to disabled people). 70% of the respondents have stated that that they have not received any assistance from the government. Recommendations were made and an appeal to the government to intensify its effort in financing capacity building and provision of technical facilities.

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