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A review of occupational accidents and HSE management system role in their reduction

Parisa Abbasian Shahrivar, Hasan Karimzadegan, Nabiollah Mansouri


In recent years, there are technological growth and the acceleration of industrial development. Although this rapid progress plays a significant role in increasing productivity and economic prosperity, but it also creates new challenges such as health, safety and environment issues. These issues are most evident in developing countries because in order to increase production, regardless of preventive safety principles, standards, working hours, training workers and the use of proper personal protective equipment to workers are addressing excessive pressure on workers. The most people of the world (58%), spend one-third of their life in the workplace. According to the ILO hundreds of thousands of workers are seeing serious injury. Hamalaynyn et al. 98 estimated that about 350,000 fatal occupational accidents and 264 million work-related non-fatal accidents occur. However, economic valuation and pricing of the life is nothing in the last three decades and has been done using new methods. Health, safety and environment management system which is responsible for all matters relating to occupational health, environment and industrial safety of industries. HSE plays a great role in developing of countries through the basics of systematic and various factors related to health, safety and the environment. Applying the principles of HSE management can reduce costs of the employee’s absence, employee's claim and product low quality etc. Implementation of these principles is significant in two aspects: 1. Determining the causes of accidents, diseases and injuries and 2. The impact of these principles on the organization economy. In fact, HSE is an added value for organizations.


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