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Importance of FDI on the growth of Pakistan and Azerbaijan

Rabia Najaf, Khakan Najaf


In this paper, we have found out the impact of foreign direct investment on the development of Pakistan and Azerbaijan. We have utilized the secondary data for accord results. Our results showed that ratio of foreign direct investment is high in few countries and also low due to terrorism. In 1992, the inflow of foreign direct investment is high at the same year inflows in Azerbaijan were at the poor rate. In the year 2009, the inflows in Pakistan were 245.45 US dollars while in Azerbaijan the inflows were nothing. Our paper is trying to explore that most revenue area in business are education and information technology. On the other side, our paper is also trying to show that foreign direct investment is backbone of the economy. Therefore, we suggested that Pakistan and Azerbaijan should remove such factors which have an impact on the foreign direct investment.


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