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Magnetometry of enderbites in Gaisin block of Ukrainian shield

M.N. Reshetnyk


The actual problems of detail studying and cartography of Ukrainian PreCambrian Shield were used. The aim of work was to werify possibility of check whether enderbity create high value of the magnetic field and how they can be visualized on the map.  The magnetic susceptibility and thermomagnetic analysis of enderbytes were investigated. It is shown that enderbytes do not produce the great amounts of MagneticField, but they have a highest induction of magnetic field against the background of others  weak-magnetic rose granites.


Description of magnitometrics.

Instruction magnitometrics. KT9_manual.pdf

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Reshetnyk, M.N., 2012. The complex magnetic scanning as an effective method to investigate the exposures of Precambrian Basement: example of Ukrainian shield // Sci. J. Pur. App. Sci. 1(1), 22–29.

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