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Recent Developments in Clay- Polymer Nano Composites

S. Pandey, M.G. H. Zaidib, S. K. Gururani


The present review deals with recent developments onsynthesis and characterization of polymer nanocomposites (PNCs) derived fromorgano clay (OCL) with selected thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers ofindustrial relevance. To compatibilize with polymer matrix, clays are modifiedwith organophilic functionalities. The clays modified in this way are known asorganoclay (OCL). The most popular methods for clay modification are executedthrough their cation exchange with quaternary ammonium salts bearing alkyl, vinyl,imidazolium, tallow alkyl functionalities. Crown ethers alkylsilanes, andzwitterions are also reported as clay modifiers for development of PNCs. As analternative strategy, functionalized polymer matrixes are developed forcompatibilization with clays to produce high performance PNCs. This strategyalthough is under developing stage , grants potential expectations towards development of PNCs from both class ofpolymer matrix with improved mechanical, thermal, flame retardant and barrierapplications.


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