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Compilation a model for leading buying Iranian products habit for Tehranian citizenť

Compilation a model for leading buying Iranian products habit for Tehranian citizenť

Hooman Derakhshanian ([email protected])
Mnagement, Payam e Noor
April, 2014


In this research, the meaning of buying habits is the consumer’s behaviors about choosing habits of product, time, repetition and how to buy or not to buy a product by individuals. On the other hand, buying habit is a process of the buyer’s decision about choosing or not choosing of products upon habit and without re-research and repetition of buying’s method and place are in accordance with repetition. It is clear that buying habits of people from all over the world have significant differences with each other. With regard to the present , any researches have not done yet about buying habits in Iran; therefore, in this research, the performed investigation about buying habits of other nations and effective index among them have been examined and the main indexes that have more shares have been exploited. Then these indexes by appealing of experts’ views in this field (university masters, managers of Ministry of Commerce, religious authority and …) and it was investigated by using of Delphi method in order to find and exploit the indexes which are more compatible with national & religious culture of Iran and specially Tehran’s residence and do necessary actions to develop the desired buying habits for Tehran residences. This research is about identifying the buying habits pattern of consumers which done by survey method. Statistical society of this research includes of Tehran Province consumers that were chosen randomly and by observing probability proportionate among 500 persons (according to calculating of unlimited society formula). The research tool was questionnaire that its justifiability was confirmed by Masters of Tehran Payam-e-Noor University. Then number of 30 questionnaires among costumers was distributed as pre-test in order to determine the questionnaires’ stability. The amount of Cronbach's alpha a number more than 80/0=α which shows the research’s tool has high capability to collect the required information. The findings stated that the people’s buying habits of Tehran Province can be summarized in 10 factors and it has done by using the method of structural equations model, in two phases of measurement model by method of confirmatory factor analysis and structural model phase with path analysis method and has been proceeded to approve the relevant hypothesis in order to confirm the formulated model. At the end of the article, some applied suggestions have been submitted for the planners.
Key words: buying habits model, habits model of Tehran’s people, buying habits indexes, buying behavior