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Vol 6, No 9 (2017)

Vol 6, No 9 (2017)


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Experimental and numerical studies of laminated butt joint specimens with Aluminum butt straps under preload PDF
Sringeri Srikanta Subramanya Sastry, Venkata Siva Nagaraju Reddy, Kasi Ramjeyathilagam 635-650

Social Science

Exposition of the grammatical structure of sign language PDF
Patrick Sibanda 651-657


Applied Geographical Information System (GIS): Overlay analysis PDF
Farai Madzimure 658-660


Determining human-elephant conflict hot spots in Hwange PDF
Farai Madzimure 661-665
Human-elephant conflict mitigation measures in Hwange PDF
Farai Madzimure 666-672