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Problems and prospects of integrated almajiri education in northern Nigeria

M.A. Yusha’u, A.K. Tsafe, S.I. Babangida, N.I. Lawal


The issue of Almajiri education has been a subjectof discussion among scholars and a subject of great concern to the authorities.Almajiri education started from time immemorial in the Northern part of Nigeria.This paper tries to clarify how the whole process started; the variousdimensions the system took overtime and how government came in to rescue thedeteriorating state of the system by integrating the system with the modernsystem, thereby making the beneficiaries (Almajirai) learn both the Almajirieducation and the modern education simultaneously. In the end, the paper offerssuggestions as to how the system could be improved so as to meet the standardset by National Policy on Education and subsequently attain Education for All(EFA).


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