Study of Thought and Culture of Totemism in" Lak" Tribe


  • Farzad Navabakhsh Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Houra Kaykhosravi Iran, Islamic Republic of


culture; Lak tribe; thought; totemism; taboo


The present research is conducted to anthropologically study the thought and culture of totemism among Lak tribe. The main goal of this research is to recognize the ancient customs and thoughts of the noble and indigenous people. In order to discover and find out mysteries hidden in thoughts and interactions of this land\s people, a field study is carried out. In this study it is tried to study the totemism functions in form of religious beliefs and its relationship with social correlative. Among the observed totemism signs and clues inside the Lak tribe, not to eat rooster’s meat and holy trees and to fasten something to them. In order to conduct the research, the field method under observance technique and interview as well as the predicative under library technique were used. The statistical population is some villages of Lorestan province selected by improbable sampling method. .(Articled by houra kaykhosravi )


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