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How to write a proper HSE management system policy?

Soheil Abbasi, Payam Khourdustan, Rasoul Sayyadi, Siavash Vahabzadeh, Seyed Shamseddin Alizadeh


Health, safety and environmental management system (HSE.MS) policies plays an important role in implementation of HSE factors in industrial fields and helps to reduce accident, injuries and hurt to environment. One of the key elements of HSE.MS is policy that is drafted and implemented in organizations. The purpose of this study is to provide an appropriate template for policy writing. At first, the HSE policies of many organizations were examined. Then these policies were classified according to missions, visions, and goals/commitments. The total of the collected policies was 190. Finally, according to these classifying, we proposed a proper HSE management system policy template. The proposed template helps managers of various organizations to write a proper HSE policy.


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