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Strong interaction of hadrons in quark cluster model

Arezu Jahanshir


The theoretical information on the hadrons interactions according to the basis investigation of the multiple scattering process theory is described. As we know multi-particle reactions on the hadrons targets are attracting a great attention nowadays. To survey strong interaction of jet particles with quarks that are inside hadrons (Baryons,mesons, exotic baryons(Penta-quarks), exotic mesons(Tetra-quarks), we can use the estimate called high energy approximation (Eikonal or Glauber approximation) theory that known very well in nuclear physics. This estimate describes collision and interactions of jet particles with quarks and scattering from multi-focus hadrons like diffraction phenomenon in optics. Glauber multiple scattering process theory may apply in analyzing elastic and inelastic collision of hadrons in a range of high energy levels.  In elastic collision, scattering amplitude is equal to total ranges of multiple collisions inside the hadrons. It’s possible to express Glauber multiple scattering factor in a form of mathematic series. So that each elements shows the number of occurred scattering inside the hadrons. Determination of scattering amplitude by the high energy approximation depends on elected primary coming wave function of the shot particle and function of out coming wave from the target nucleus. Therefore it’s not so hard to determine scattering amplitude. The main purpose of this paper is to show how to determine mathematical formula for differential cross section of jet particles in high energy levels with a hadrons in cluster model (qq, qq) (Quarkonium-Quarkonium cluster).


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