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Reviewing the growth and Decadence of communities according to Quran and Sociology

Mohsen Zarei Jlyany, Mansour Haghighatian, Gholam Reza Sharafi, Moslem Tavani


What as the main objective was followed in this article was the reasons of growth and Decadence   of communities, looking to the issue was based on this issue that, Islam which is Comprehensive and complete religion has special attention and consideration to all aspects of human life. And Placed in front of him a Smooth and clear direction To achieve happiness and perfection And reach the pure existence, As a rule for the growth and Decadence of communities  has Posed specific causes Because one of the  basic principles of Islam is believing  to the wisdom of god. And that God does not do anything vain and useless and the occurrence of any event cannot be without reason. If the growth and decline takes place should have some reasons and the Wise God also has mentioned them in the Qur'an Therefore, we decide to review these reasons.


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