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Distribution of Aspergillus species among apparently healthy birds in poultry farms in Kaduna state, Nigeria

Clara N Kwanashie, Haruna M. Kazeem, Paul A Abdu, Jarlath U Umoh


The study wasconducted to determine the prevalence and distribution of Aspergilllus species among apparently healthy birds in poultryfarms. Trachea swabs from 1500 birds in 52 commercial (10% of birds in eachpoultry farm visited) poultry farms were collected for this study. Six speciesof Aspergillus were isolated wasisolated from 718 (47.87%) of the birds viz: A. fumigatus made up 52.37% (376) of the Aspergillus isolates followed by A. flavus 21.87% (157), A.niger 11.42% (82), A. terreus8.64% (62), A. restrictus 2.79% (20)and A. ochraceous 2.92% (21). Aspergillus species was found to occurthroughout the year in the farms though with a higher incidence during therainy season compared to the dry season.


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