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Evaluation of the microbiological quality of the environment in a laboratory of microbiology candidate to the accreditation

S. Salimatou, F. Samake, Y. Sanogo, D. Traoré, A.H. Babana


The microbiological quality of the environment of two laboratories of microbiological quality control of the agro alimentary products, the first candidate to the accreditation and the second not candidate to the accreditation was evaluated. The samples of air were taken by aspiring the air, through physiological water of a biocollector, rooms of laboratories to a flow of 2L/min.  The test sample selection of surfaces was carried out by cleaning.   In these samples, the totals aerobic Germs mesophilic, Yeasts and Moulds, Totals coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus were sought and counted. On the whole, 120 samples were analyzed including 45 samples of surfaces and 15 samples of air of each laboratory, for three months.  The results show that in the Laboratory in Process of Accreditation  the concentration of the Mesophilic Aerobic Bacteria total and the  Yeasts Moulds respectively 42 UFC / 25cm2 and 37  UFC / 25cm2 and with 84% of samples in conformity.  In the air of the same laboratory, the concentrations were of 10UFC/1000cm 3 of esophilic Aerobic Bacteria and 10 UFC/1000cm 3 of Yeasts Moulds with 100% of conformity.  On the other hand, the Laboratory Not in Process of  Accreditation, concentration of the Mesophilic Aerobic Bacteria and the Yeasts and Moulds respectively 128 UFC / 25cm2 and 45 UFC / 25cm2 and with 60% of samples in  conformity.  In the air of the same laboratory, the concentrations were of 1UFC/1000cm3 of Mesophilic Aerobic Bacteria and 42 UFC/1000cm 3 of Yeasts Moulds with 60% of conformity. The standards of microbiological quality were not still reached in the two laboratories; however those of the candidate to the accreditation were twice closer to the standards of the accreditation than the no laboratory in Process of accreditation.


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