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Scientific Journal of Microbiology

Scientific Journal of Microbiology

Frequency: Bimonthly (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)
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ISSN-online: 2322-2948
Journal scope: Topics include structure and function, biochemistry, enzymology, metabolism and its regulation, molecular biology, genetics, plasmids and transposons, general microbiology, applied microbiology, genetic engineering, virology, immunology, clinical microbiology, microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, food microbiology, molecular systematics, chemical or physical haracterization of microbial structures or products, and basic biological properties of organisms.

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Evaluation of the microbiological quality of the environment in a laboratory of microbiology candidate to the accreditation
The microbiological quality of the environment of two laboratories of microbiological quality control of the agro alimentary products, the first candidate to the accreditation and the second not candidate to the accreditation was evaluated. The samples of air were taken by aspiring the air, through physiological water of a biocollector, rooms of laboratories to a flow of 2L/min. The test sample selection of surfaces was carried out by cleaning. Vol. 4 | No. 4 | 2015 Full Text







Microbial quality of selected sandwiches sold at retail outlets of fast food shops in Dhaka city and Mymensingh town of Bangladesh
The experiment was designed to undertake a study on the sanitary quality of commercial fast foods sold at retail outlets of fast food shops in Dhaka city and Mymensingh town of Bangladesh. One hundred sandwiches were subjected to bacteriological examinations. The mean values of total viable count (TVC), total coliform count (TCC) and total staphylococcal count (TSC) in wrapped and unwrapped samples of pre-microwave oven and post-microwave oven fast foods were determined. In pre-microwave oven the TVC, TCC and TSC were log 6.36, log 3.42 and log 4.21 respectively. similarly in post-microwave oven the TVC, TCC and TSC were log 4.89, log 2.60 and log 3.03 respectively.
Vol. 1 | No. 5 | 2012 Full Text

Prevalence and evolution of intestinal parasites and urinary in hospital Luxembourg: endemicity risk of Ascaris lumbricoides and Entamoeba histolytica in the district of Bamako
The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence and evolution of intestinalis parasites in hospital area. For the present investigation, 2401 samples, including 403 urines and 1998 stool, were collected. The age of patients ranged from 2 months to 87 years with a mean of 24.24 ± 18.58 years. Females predominated (51.1%) with a sex ratio of 1.04. The average prevalence of parasitic infection was 15.58 %. Throughout the years, it was found that the infectivity rates varied significantly, Chi2 = 87.522 p = 0.0000. There was no significant variation between sex and parasitic infection, p> 0.05. Vol. 4 | No. 3 | 2015 Full Text

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Evaluation of antifungal, hemolytic and cytotoxic potentiality of ethyl acetate crude extracts of a novel marine Streptomyces spp. AIAH-10
To face newly generated diseases, searching for new, safe and effective bioactive molecules is urgent and marine microbial flora may be a potential source. The present study was designed to isolate marine microorganisms (AIAH-1 to AIAH-29) from the soil of mangrove forest Sundarbans, Bangladesh by serial dilution method using isolation media. Among them, AIAH-10 was selected for further study due to its promising antibacterial activity (done by streak plate and plug technique method) against a series of pathogenic bacteria. On the basis of morphological, cultural and biochemical analysis, the strain AIAH-10 belongs to Streptomyces spp. Secondary metabolites of the strain was obtained by small scale fermentation process. Vol. 4 | No. 5 | 2015 Full Text


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