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Epidemiology of hirsutism in Qassim Region, KSA

S. R. Ahmed, A. A. Al Zolibani, A. A. Al Robaee, H. O. Hamed, A. Settin


Hirsutism is acommon clinical condition that usually has a benign course. A geneticabnormality causing hirsutism is supported by the observation that differentmembers of the same family are often affected.The goal of this study is toevaluate the genetic aspect of inheritance and consanguinity patterns ofhirsute cases in Qassim region, Saudia Arabia. A total 83 hirsute patients werestudied during one year duration. All patients underwent detailed history andthorough clinical evaluation. Ultrasonography and hormonal profiles wereperformed.The most common cause of hirsutism in this study was due topolycystic ovary (PCO) that was present in 52 patients (62.65%) followed byidiopathic hirsutism (IH) in 30 patients (36.14%) in addition to one case oflate onset congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Acne was encountered in 34 (65.38%)of cases of PCO and in 13(43.33%) of cases of IH. Positive family history andconsanguinity were encountered in 48(57.83%) and 49 (59.03%) casesrespectively. Our study suggested that hirsutism is a familial disorder.Inheritance pattern appeared to be possible particular from the maternalfollowed by the paternal side of the family.


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