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Diffuse Intraabdominal Infection Due to Septic Abortion but Mimicking Acute Appendicitis

Asli Goker, Kemal Sarsmaz, Levent Dincer, Serdar Tarhan, Naci Kemal Kuscu


We present a case of diffuse intraabdominal infection which was misdiagnosed as appendicitis. The patient concealed having had sexual intercourse and being pregnant. She was diagnosed as intraabdominal infection after acute abdomen developed and a diagnostic laparotomy was performed. The clinical state was complicated by pleural effusion and subsplenic abcess formation. After a long period of antibiotherapy and drainage of the abcess, the patient was able to be discharged. The case represents the importance of correct anamnesis, choosing appropriate diagnostic tools, performing timely surgery and close follow up. All women in the reproductive age should be thoroughly questioned about sexual activity and the possibility of a septic abortion must be kept in mind in single females.


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