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Detection of candidatus liberibacter asiaticus associated with citrus greening (huanglongbing) of mandarin by template preparation

G.P. Jagtap, M.V. Mahajan, D. Utpal


The polymerase ChainReaction (PCR) diagnosis is more reliable and sensitive diagnostic tool forgreening bacterium than other conventional approaches like Electron microscopy,DNA-DNA hybridization and immunofluorescence (IF) for detection of citrusgreening. During experiment, it was observed that sodium sulphite method of DNAisolation provided higher yield and better quality DNA than other methods.Primer C (450 bp) was more efficient in amplifying the DNA of greeningbacterium even at a very low concentration of 0.1 pg. To confirm thereliability of PCR, the greening bacterium was also detected ingraft-inoculated plants, which showed typical greening bacterium was alsodetected in graft-inoculated plants, which showed typical greening symptoms.Results showed amplification of 450 bp in PCR suggesting sampling in March ismore suitable for PCR detection of greening bacterium.


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