Influencing factors on consumer behavior in online purchases


  • B. saeidipour Department of Educational Sciences, Payame Noor University, I. R. of IRAN Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • R. Minaee Department of commercial management, Kermanshah branch Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran Iran, Islamic Republic of


internet, internet shopping, Consumer behavior


New technologies, and at their head, information technology aspects of human life, have changed. So that every day we are witnessing the emergence of a new and innovative system, which quickly replaced the previous model, and their effects on the leaves. Maybe we can network, IT can be very obvious, that with their rise rapidly in various fields, has led to the transformation. Today, many businesses based on Internet, and are growing rapidly, and every day the number of these businesses is increasing. However, the secret to success in the new world of business today, a detailed understanding of consumer behavior is, as far as we can with the knowledge of consumer needs, desires and demands to him, in order to meet organizational goals. Consumer behavior is also influenced by internal and external factors are. Information technology on consumer behavior is influenced through various means, including easy and convenient access to the information he may have. Consumer, through the facilities of the IT business, and today serves a much smarter and more powerful, and consumer behavior is that organizations will be affected. In this study, we tried to have a library of information, consumer behavior, examine the internet shopping.


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