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Advances in biomaterials: New strategies, development and applications for biomedicine and engineering

J. samira



One of the most exciting and rewarding research areas of materials science involves the applications to health care, especially to skeletal repair and reconstructive surgery. The potential benefits of these materials for this clinical needs, strongly depend on more research works and multidisciplinary approaches that combine engineering, and the technical expertise of medical specialists. The development regarding the tissue engineering  and the social obligations to provide a better quality of life seemed to be the crucial factors to this progress . In this field, the association of osteo-inductive factors with implantable materials; as well as the association of osteogenic stem cells with these materials in the field of orthopaedic surgery are now booming. This paper aims  to review the progression in biomaterials and the several therapeutic strategies in order to examine biomaterial interactions at the cellular and wider host level. Moreover, the favorable properties of nanotechnology exploited in biomedical applications were widely focused on. In our opinion, these advances represent some of the few examples in which the progress of molecular biology has a good chance of early clinical success.


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