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Dispersion influence from void ratio and porosity on E. coli transport in homogeneous soil formation in coastal area of Degema, rivers state of Nigeria

Solomon Ndubuisi Eluozo


Dispersion of E.coli transport in homogeneous fine and coarse soil in coastal area of degema has been examined. The transport of E.coli where confound to have deposited in coastal formation, through the predominant of alluvium deposition in the study location, shallow aquifers where also confirmed to deposit at the study area, the influence from high degrees of porosity where confirmed to have play a major role in the dispersion of the contaminants in the study location. The study is imperative because these source of transport are through the flow path in the soil resulting to the spread of  the contaminants,  dispersion where found to occurred through high degree of porosity and void ratio in the study area, this condition where found to  increase  the concentration of the microbes in some of the region, the degradation of the microbes in these condition can only take place when there is an inhibition that will  reduce the concentration to the standard, where the microbial  meets  world heath organisation standard, these confirms that  quality of water can be abstracted those aquiferious zone, voids ratio and porosity variation in there degree of deposition are  through the stratification of the soil ,under the influence of geological formation of the study area, the study can be applied as a bench mark to determine the rate  .of dispersion ,on the study location.

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