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Scientific Journal of Environmental Sciences

Scientific Journal of Environmental Sciences

Frequency: Bimonthly (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)
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ISSN-online: 2322-5017
Journal scope: environmental quality monitoring, resource management and conservation, waste and waste-water treatment, fate and transport of contaminants, bio-remediation, soil contamination, wetland function and design, waste reduction, recycling and reuse, air, soil and water contaminant, environmental toxicology and epidemiology.

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Most consumed ligneous forages in ruminant breeding on natural pasture in north of Benin
There are rainfall dependent and rainfall less dependent forages. The present study, conducted in districts of Nikki, Kalalé, Ségbana and Gogounou located in north-east of Benin republic, deals with less dependent on rainfall ligneous’ forage which are important forages resources available and accessible throughout the year. The methodological approaches used are: participatory diagnosis. The useful timbers which leaves are used in ruminant feeding are Pterocarpus erinaceus, Afzelia africana and Khaya senegalensis. Vol. 4 | No. 3 | 2015 Full Text







On optimal trajectory in space flight
Are investigated a trajectory of new type in distant, space flights unlike usual trajectories of direct flight to heavenly object (Moon) it is supposed to use asymmetry of a gravitational field and to carry out flight bypassing the most power gravitational impact on the spacecraft. It leads to economy of power for 20-30 %. Vol. 2 | No. 3 | 2013 Full Text

Assessment of the impact of Abiotic factors on the fish assemblages in a tropical estuary creek
Fish assemblage structures of Badagry creek, Nigeria in relation to abiotic (physical and chemical) variables were studied for 2 years period (November, 2011 – September, 2013). Environmental parameters were monitored in sampling stations randomly selected in each of the three zones established in the creek (3 stations per zone). Vol. 4 | No. 2 | 2015 Full Text

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Removal of copper ions from contaminated aqueous solutions through adsorption process using modified Polyurethane as an adsorbent
Entering the pollutants specially heavy and toxic metals into the water resources has worried the human societies specially those researchers who have been studied much research about this field, this claim of which is proved by the number of valid published articles. Neglecting toxic material removing from water will pose the non-compensable injuries to living organisms and environment. In the paper, the 2- Mercaptobenzothiazole modified polyurethane foam has been used for removal of Cu ion from contaminated water solutions.
Vol. 4 | No. 4 | 2015 Full Text




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