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On-farm demonstration of pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides for the control of weeds in faba bean in the highlands of Bale, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

Reta Dargie, Amare Biftu, Ayalew Sida


The demonstration was conducted in two districts of Bale zone, Goba and Dinsho to demonstrate and validate the effectiveness of pre emergence (Dual gold) and post emergence (Gallant super) herbicides laid out in simple plot design. Faba bean variety ‘Moti’ was used with recommended seed rate of 180 kg ha-1. 100 kg ha-1 NPS fertilizer was applied all at planting. Important yield and yield components, percentage of yield increment and loss, production and benefit cost were collected to see the profitability difference of the herbicides. The grain yield of dual gold was higher than the gallant super and unsprayed and the percent benefit (%NB) also showed that dual gold and gallant super were beneficial. However, the application of dual gold was superior rewarding treatment. The guidelines on the utilization of the herbicides should be supported by practical training and following the safety and precautions of the manuals prepared with herbicides.


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