Occurrence, distribution and survey of Tobacco streak virus (TSV) of cotton

G.P. Jagtap, T.H. Jadhav, D. Utpal


Occurrence and distribution of cotton mosaic disease of cotton survey was conducted in September and December in Beed, Parbhani, Nanded, and Hingoli districts of marathwada region. It is revealed that the disease was found to occur in early flower developoement stage of plant, later at maturity and boll development stage. The symptoms disappear slowly and in December the incidence is difficult to detect. The incidence was found to be 10 to 19 per cent in the month of September but in December it was about 0 to 2 per cent only. The varieties of Bt cotton specially Tulsi showed higher incidence of cotton mosaic disease. The disease was identified as cotton mosaic disease and the virus causing disease was tobacco streak virus (TSV) a member of ilar virus group. This is the first report of TSV causing cotton mosaic disease in field condition from Marathwada region.

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