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Fertility and hatchability characterization of three strains of egg type chickens

T.O. Allanah, J.C. Okonkwo, S.I. Omeje


The fertility and hatchability characteristics of three popular strainsof egg type chickens in Nigeria, namely chickens (ISABROWN), Alpha (Improved native) and the local strain (Pure native) chickenswere studied. They were compared from twenty weeks of age using 15 hens and 3cocks from each strain. The parameters recorded were egg production, eggweight, percent fertility and hatchability. The experiment was replicated threetimes. The data obtained showed that the improved native strain produced moreeggs followed by the exotic strain and lastly, the pure native strain. ISA Brownstrain and improved native strain were similar in egg weight; but performedbetter than pure native and the other strains. The ISA Brown recorded mean eggweight of 59.27 ± 0.02, Improved native recorded mean egg weight of 53.10 ± 002 and the purenative recorded mean egg weight of 41.00 ± 0.02. Conversely, fertility was highest in the pure native strain(86.04) followed by improved native strain 83.08) and the exotic strainrecorded the least percent fertility of (68.21). Hatchability was highest inthe improved native strains with percentage hatchability of 77.33, followed bythe pure native of percentage hatchability of 73.55 and ISA Brown (exotic)recorded the least percentage hatchability of 61.24. From the findings, theimproved native did well in all the parameters investigated and has enough roomto carry out selection for improvement.


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