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An histochemical study of the effects of immunosuppressive drug azathioprine on the cytoarchitecture of the testes of adult wistar rats (rattus norvegicus)

I.O. Onanuga, R.B. Ibrahim, R. Jaji-Sulaimon, C.N.B. Tagoe, O.B. Akinola


In this study weemployed some histochemical techniques to evaluate the effect of ascorbic acidon azathioprine-induced alterations in the testis of adult Wistar rats. Maleadult Wistar rats (n=30) with mean weight 210±2.65 g were assigned into fourtreatment (n=24) and control (n=6) groups. Animals were treated with 25 and 50mg/kg azathioprine (AZA) alone (Grps II and IV) and in combination with 25 and50 mg/kg ascorbic acid (Grps III and V) for 21 days while control animalsreceived 1 ml distilled water. 24 h Post-treatment, animals were sacrificed,their testes were excised, weighed and fixed in Bouins’ fluid for histochemicalstudies of reticulin and collagen. The histochemical findings of testissections indicated cyto-architectural distortions in the treated groups whencompared to the control group. This findings show that ascorbic acid at dosesadministered did not ameliorate the damages caused by azathioprine.


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