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Impact of antioxidants, oxidative stress on gametogenesis, embryogenesis, and fertility in livestock production

Thandolwethu Nyathi


Gametogenesis is a fundamental aspect in sexual reproduction. Successful gametogenesis transcends to high fertility in any breeding herd when all other production factors are held optimum. The interaction amongst gametogenesis, embryogenesis, antioxidants and oxidative stress should be considered a key component of livestock fertility which has the potential to improve efficiency. This discussion looks at the influence of antioxidants and oxidative stress on gametogenesis, embryogenesis and livestock fertility in broad. Any disorders during gametogenesis and embryogenesis result in reduced fertility in livestock. Infertility is one of the major bottlenecks hampering livestock production. Livestock fertility is a multi-factorial trait as its decline is attributed to physiological, genetic, and environmental as well as husbandry factors. Furthermore, the discussion will spell out how antioxidants can be exploited as a remedy to tackle negative effects of reactive oxygen species in in vivo.


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